Philosophy of Treatment

I see psychotherapy as a relationship in which the client and therapist work together to develop understanding of and solutions for the problems presented by the client.

I draw from many treatment models, but my approach is primarily psychodynamic (looking at the internal processes which cause us to think and act in particular ways). I frequently use an Internal Family Systems approach and also EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) techniques to help my clients work systematically toward their goals, drawing on and enhancing their personal strengths and skills. (More information about these modalities will be provided at our first session, and can also be obtained through websites listed in the Resources section.) | continued |

Potential Benefits And Risks of Therapy

Whenever you make changes in your life, there are potential risks and benefits.

Benefits include solving problems, improving relationships and enhancing the quality of your life. Changes made in therapy may bring unforeseen changes in your life: changes in how you communicate or interact may produce adverse or negative responses from others. Spouses or family members may be unwilling or unable to change to meet your development, and marital or family conflicts could intensify as feelings are expressed. Individual issues may surface during work on a couple or family relationship. You may become aware of issues you had not recognized before you began therapy.

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