About EMDR (contintued)

EMDR is especially useful and effective in dealing with recent trauma or “acute stress disorder,” in which a person has great disturbance and is unable to readjust to normal life after an accident or sudden unexpected event, such as the death of a loved one or natural catastrophe. If such events can be addressed within three to six months of the event (or even earlier), and if the person was functioning well prior to the event, EMDR can often bring about complete resolution of the disturbing symptoms.

While I do not use EMDR as my primary treatment modality, I have received extensive training in the core protocol, and in many of its extensions to other uses. I will discuss with you whether this tool might be helpful to you for particular issues or symptoms. I welcome your questions about the use of EMDR for your situation.

You can get additional information about EMDR at www.emdria.org. | back |

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